So excited! My new Fit Cooking Book is available!

Aloha! My new Fit Cooking eBook V2 is available in both PDF and Hardcover includes my Personal Healthy recipes for the foods I make for my Ohana (family), to stay lean, look my best, and feel more energetic!  It’s easier to consistently eat clean &...

Kiana's Kale Pineapple Protein Shake
Get Gorgeous Green Protein Drink with Kale and Pineapple

Sip your way beautiful! Cool, refreshing and healthy EZ way to get your greens Super simple and so delicious! I've made 10,000+ protein drinks in my career and THIS ONE is my favorite right now! TIP: ALWAYS keep a bag of peeled and halved bananas in the freezer....

What’s for dinner tonight? I can help!

Because I am lean, people always ask me, "do you ever eat, Kiana? The answer is: "Yes, I love to eat and eat a lot. In fact, people are surprised because I seem to always be eating!" The trick is selecting the right foods...

Coconut Coffee? My pre-workout cup of coffee.

  Coffee helps prevent post workout muscle cramps. A teaspoon of coconut oil makes it creamy and nutty. Pre workout Coconut Coffee Coffee is excellent for REDUCING POST WORKOUT MUSCLE SORENESS and has been linked to ABDOMINAL ☕️ FAT REDUCTION. Read on...

Drink Infused Water for Better Health, Skin & Hair

Easily improve your health and appearance with infused water Infuse plain water with nutrients, natural flavor and color I've found a way to help you drink MORE water! Studies show that Most people don't drink enough water. Drinking water Is so important to help flush toxins from...

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