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Kiana 500 Rep Challenge

Aloha Everyone! Ready to take my 500 Rep Challenge? Challenges are an effective way to get motivated, shock your muscles into shape and progress to the next fitness level and get back on the fitness wagon if you’ve fallen off:) This 500 Rep Challenge is AWESOME! This workout will help you get tight and strong! It combines cardio, legs, glutes, chest, shoulders arms and abs! How to do it: set

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Take Kiana’s 4 Week Flex HIIT Challenge! Get the lean, sexy, healthy, fit body you really want!

Improve your health and fitness & get the body you really want! Kiana’s Flex HIIT 4 Week Challenge is a complete training program.

Kiana’s Flex Appeal Body 12 Week Training Guides

12 WEEK FLEX APPEAL BODY TRAINING GUIDES – IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD Introductory Special! This week only! Now you can get Kiana’s award winning Flex Appeal workouts in a downloadable Guide!  Millions motivated worldwide!   12 week COMPLETE step by step workout plan Simply do the Circuit routines for the designated number of repetitions, 12 min. per circuit. Each week gets progressively more challenging to get your amazing results! >>> SEE RESULTS

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3 Favorite Exercises for Amazing Abs and Printable Photo Instructions

The keys to a flat midsection & sculpted abs are proper diet, doing exercises that engage your core along with specific abs exercises and changing up the exercises frequently. Here are 3 exercises I love to do for amazing abs.