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Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Cancun! 1 of 7 Wonders of the World!

Fit Family Travels Travel Reviews, Recommendations & Tips for your Active Family Review: Riviera Maya, Cancun Hard Rock Hotel International by Kiana Tom, Founder & Host of Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN & Fit Mom TV.  “Best in fitness” USA Today.  “Fitness Queen” Access Hollywood Chichen Itza:  1 of the 7 Wonders of the World! So impressive! Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Must Sees: At the Hard Rock International Hotel: Rock Spa:

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Double Rainbow

“A double rainbow is a symbol of hope and blessings & means magic is on the way, the path of personal magic is opening for you.  Be true to yourself and your dreams and know that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf.  This also tells you that you to trust your vibes” Have you ever seen a double rainbow? I hope so 🙂

Change will get you fitter faster

To get fitter aster, change up your workout. This week, Try doing exercises without a bench or machines. This forces your body to use all important stabilization muscles instead of relying on the track of a machine or fitness bench.


  It’s 90 degrees today and I’m like ahhhhh. Love warm weather! ☀️ ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Especially when it’s NOT sunny. So many people come to the beach and think “it’s overcast, I don’t need sunscreen.” – But you do.  So many people get sunburned when it’s cloudy.

Photo: Baby it’s cold outside

Hawaii or So Cal: When it’s cold out, we wear a tank top and a beanie. Or shorts and Faux fur boots.⛄️ I LOVE warm weather. Always lived by the beach but am Getting sooo excited to go snow boarding ⛷ and skiing again next Month for my birthday! -What is the trick to staying warm in cold weather!? I have all the gear and I layer layer layer, but

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Body Shaping Cast: Can you name everyone?

Body Shaping Cast Can you name everyone in the photo? Hint. The woman in the black bikini is Kiana 🙂 When I was first hired on Body Shaping it was hosted by 6 time Ms. Olympia, Cory Everson.  I was hired as here assistant and my sole job was to follow along and count the reps.  I remember being ecstatic because I got to keep the shoes! We filmed most

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Instant happy! Instagram picture

Check out this new image Loving my rescue dog, Kona, brings me instant happiness 🙂

Kiana Wallpaper Hawaii Ocean View

To download Kiana’s wallpaper, simply right click the image and click set as desktop image or save it to your computer. Aloha!

Kiana Wallpaper Denim Bikini

To download Kiana’s wallpaper, simply right click the image and save it to your computer. Aloha!

Kiana Wallpaper Big Hair Leopard Swimsuit on the Beach

To download Kiana’s wallpaper, simply right click the image and save it to your computer. Aloha!

Exercise makes you feel sexier

Exercise: It increases self confidence, self-esteem, and releases feel good hormones and endorphins. from Kiana’s Instagram

Kiana’s Flex Appeal Body 12 Week Training Guides

12 WEEK FLEX APPEAL BODY TRAINING GUIDES – IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD Introductory Special! This week only! Now you can get Kiana’s award winning Flex Appeal workouts in a downloadable Guide!  Millions motivated worldwide!   12 week COMPLETE step by step workout plan Simply do the Circuit routines for the designated number of repetitions, 12 min. per circuit. Each week gets progressively more challenging to get your amazing results! >>> SEE RESULTS

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Island Walk

  Island Walk I took this photograph while walking with my daughter, Anelalani on the island of Kauai. It had just rained and it was warm and tropical. I love the texture of the trees, the lush colors of the grass and leaves. When I look at this photo, it makes me feel peaceful and calm. I love walking: power walking, walking on the beach, with my dogs, alone and

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Insiders: Now THAT’s a Gun

Guess how much it weighs?  Going thru files in my office I came across this outake from when I filmed the movie, Universal Soldier: The Return (Sony Pictures) with Jean Claude Van Damme and pro wrestler Bill Goldberg.  This was a scene where I turned into a unisol and pulled out my HUGE GUN to confront the others. I was told it was an exact replica of a US Smart

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Interview: Kiana Tom for International Magazine

I was interviewed for a Turkish Magazine earlier this week. I love the fact that through my hosting Kiana’s Flex Appeal I am able to touch people’s lives all over the world. The editor asked some terrific questions and I thought you might be interested in reading the interview 🙂 Print / Television / Radio / Online Interview requests email: Kiana Tom Interview Dear Kiana, thank you for accepting

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