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>> Aloha! So I’m Curious: Why do YOU workout? I’ll go first….For me, it’s part of WHO I AM as a person. I have been doing sports since I was 5, tennis and skiing. I’ve been lifting weights since I was 16.  I originally started lifting weights to improve my tennis game and add muscle. I was hooked on the endorphin rush and feeling strong mentally and physically. I was

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My Daily Power Juice

Power Juice! My Morning Drink ☀️Just like I change my workout each and every day I change my drink so I get a life variety of vitamins and nutrients. Today I had this:-Frozen bananaOrangeLemonBerriesSpinachAppleIce & water-❤️ Save Save

Change will get you fitter faster

To get fitter aster, change up your workout. This week, Try doing exercises without a bench or machines. This forces your body to use all important stabilization muscles instead of relying on the track of a machine or fitness bench.


Aloha! Did you see my latest Instagram Post? Juicy Guess which one is mine and which is my daughters? Juicing is a healthy and refreshing way to make sure you get more fruit and veggies.-2 applesSlice lemon orangebanana⛄️ice and water

15 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

It’s easy to stay motivated to workout with my simple tips.

5 Love Your Legs Exercises Video

Build strong & sexy, shapely, toned legs! 5 Exercises to Love ❤️ Your Legs! Here are 5 wonderful exercises you can do right at home or in the gym.  Using free weights and your own body weight, it’s easy to strengthen your legs and glutes, blast major calories and reduce body fat. You can do them in a circuit like I demonstrate here in Kiana’s EGYM short sample video. –

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Live fit!

Staying in shape for life is all about consistency. Train every day just like you brush your teeth every day! Stay focused. Be determined. Find a sport you love and you’ll do it often  have a healthy day! XO Kiana-LIVE HD Workouts MWF at 9:30 AM PST Now streaming worldwide!

How & Why You Should Create Your Own Home Gym

Creating your own Home Gym is truly the fastest route to a better body and healthier lifestyle. As I have demonstrated on my television show, Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the very best gym is the one in your home.  I have led thousands of televised home gym workouts on Kiana’s Flex Appeal that have motivated millions of viewers worldwide. One of the most popular workout segments of the show that I

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6 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

Try these tricks I use to get started:   1. Tricky: Tell yourself you are only going to do 15 minutes of your favorite exercises such as: squats, push ups, jumping rope.  More times than not, you will feel so good that you will continue.  If not, you still did something good for your health and fitness.   2. Dress the part: Put on your workout clothes 1st thing in

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5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

It’s the Holidays! Extra pressure and stress is unavoidable. But there are some EZ ways to help you stay healthier. 1. Exercise – do a little.  When you are busy, some is better than none. When things get busy such as during the holiday season, most people cross off exercise from their to-do list. This is a big mistake. When things get busy and stressful it is more important than

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$20 Bill Theory

Have I ever shared My $20 Bill Theory with you?  My theory is this: let’s say that you found $20 on the ground, you would pick it up & be excited for a few minutes or so, put it in your wallet and move on. BUT, if you LOST $20 you would be upset for much longer than a few minutes and beat yourself up about it all day long.

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