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So excited! My new Fit Cooking Book is available!

Aloha! My new Fit Cooking eBook V2 is available in both PDF and Hardcover includes my Personal Healthy recipes for the foods I make for my Ohana (family), to stay lean, look my best, and feel more energetic!  It’s easier to consistently eat clean &...

10 Fit & Healthy Breakfasts

Favorite Fit Mom Healthy Breakfasts Start the Day Right! Energize! Mom always said, "Don't skip Breakfast" She was right. You've been sleeping for 8 hours.  Okay, let's be realistic.  You've been sleeping for 4.75 hours. Your body is hungry. You need to feed your muscles. Make 1. 2 or...

Kiana Tom apple
Recipe: Kiana Low Sugar Apple Pie

Kiana's Low Sugar Apple Pie Recipe No Guilt Dessert! Holidays or anytime. Made with Stevia, a natural plant extract instead of sugar. This recipe is so easy. Takes appx. 10 min. to put together. I love to make it for a special treat, the house smells warm and...•-fitmomtv.com_
Healthy Chicken Taco Soup

  I love homemade soup. It's a meal in a cup. I love to add the freshest ingredients and lots of good for you lean protein. In my household, I plan special dinners every night. My husband and daughters L-O-V-E Mexican food so every Tuesday is Taco...
Recipe: Pineapple Sweet Potatos

Sweet Potato - Hawaiian Style Ever since the body building days, I have loved sweet potatoes. I still eat them as a regular part of a Protein Power Plate Meal: Grilled chicken or steak, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Here is one of my very favorite recipes...

Benefits of Coconut Oil, Water and Milk

What is the difference between Coconut water & coconut milk? The difference between the two is that coconut water is taken from the coconut before it's ripened. Coconut milk is taken from the coconut after the coconut is ripe and it is pressed from the...


I Kiana-fied my family's chili recipe to make it a muscle building protein dream.   I love using the slow cooker! It's like the chef is cooking when I come home! The house smells so good and the food is tender. Come home to dinner already done...

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