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Partner Exercises

This is a repost from Valentines Day! Love it! Sorry, the audio is a little funny, but the exercises are fit fun! Enjoy! Grab your spouse, kids or friend and get busy! Fun Valentines partner exercises you can do anywhere! Enjoy!

Kiana’s Flex Appeal Body 12 Week Training Guides

12 WEEK FLEX APPEAL BODY TRAINING GUIDES – IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD Introductory Special! This week only! Now you can get Kiana’s award winning Flex Appeal workouts in a downloadable Guide!  Millions motivated worldwide!   12 week COMPLETE step by step workout plan Simply do the Circuit routines for the designated number of repetitions, 12 min. per circuit. Each week gets progressively more challenging to get your amazing results! >>> SEE RESULTS

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Universal Soldier: The Return (Trailer)

Guess how much it weighs?  Going thru files in my office I came across this outake from when I filmed the movie, Universal Soldier: The Return (Sony Pictures) with Jean Claude Van Damme and pro wrestler Bill Goldberg.  This was a scene where I turned into a unisol and pulled out my HUGE GUN to confront the others. I was told it was an exact replica of a US Smart

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3 Favorite Exercises for Amazing Abs and Printable Photo Instructions

The keys to a flat midsection & sculpted abs are proper diet, doing exercises that engage your core along with specific abs exercises and changing up the exercises frequently. Here are 3 exercises I love to do for amazing abs.

Top 10 Reasons to Strength Train

Top 10 Reasons to Strength Train! Did you know these?

About Kiana: Sizzle Reel

Kiana Tom has motivated millions worldwide toward healthy living as the Star of “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” the #1 rated fitness show, airing in 80 million homes in 100 countries!
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Just in! >> Fitness Beanies

Great to wear to the gym, jogging or power walking! Good for not so good hair days, too! Men and women’s available in black or ocean.

Best Selling Zip Front Sweatshirt. Keep those muscle warm.

Hi! this is the best selling sweat shirt in the online store! It’s great for both women and men. Toss it in your gym bag or trunk and you’ll wear it over and over again!

Cover up and keep your body warm in this cozy zip front sweatshirt with drawstring. Raglan sleeves for added comfort. One size. Unisex.

Tips: Top Foods For Men

To be our fittest selves possible, we must exercise and eat healthy foods. But, what foods are best for men? A few months ago, I posted “Top Foods for Women.” Here are the “Top Foods For Men.”

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