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Change will get you fitter faster

To get fitter aster, change up your workout. This week, Try doing exercises without a bench or machines. This forces your body to use all important stabilization muscles instead of relying on the track of a machine or fitness bench.

Photo: Baby it’s cold outside

Hawaii or So Cal: When it’s cold out, we wear a tank top and a beanie. Or shorts and Faux fur boots.⛄️ I LOVE warm weather. Always lived by the beach but am Getting sooo excited to go snow boarding ⛷ and skiing again next Month for my birthday! -What is the trick to staying warm in cold weather!? I have all the gear and I layer layer layer, but

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Coconut Coffee? My pre-workout cup of coffee.

Coconut Coffee Coffee is excellent for REDUCING POST WORKOUT MUSCLE SORENESS and has been linked to ABDOMINAL ☕️ FAT REDUCTION. Read on…

Instant happy! Instagram picture

Check out this new image Loving my rescue dog, Kona, brings me instant happiness 🙂

Insiders: Now THAT’s a Gun

Guess how much it weighs?  Going thru files in my office I came across this outake from when I filmed the movie, Universal Soldier: The Return (Sony Pictures) with Jean Claude Van Damme and pro wrestler Bill Goldberg.  This was a scene where I turned into a unisol and pulled out my HUGE GUN to confront the others. I was told it was an exact replica of a US Smart

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Yeah! Super excited! My Flex Appeal Training Guides are ready!

This will help you get fit at home, the gym, hotel, the dorm — anywhere! Exercises can be done anywhere using only free weights in your own bodyweight. It’s 190 pages loaded with step-by-step instructions to transform your body, my personal workouts, photographs, innovative exercises to get a strong, tight, FiT Body in 12 weeks or less! You will lose fat, get firmer legs, tighten your butt, flatten your midsection,

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To your health!

Drink a protein shake before bed to help your body burn fat and encourage muscle growth while you sleep. #kianatom #fitness #health #breakfast #love #fitmomtv Cheers!