Insiders: Now THAT’s a Gun

Guess how much it weighs? Going thru files in my office I came across this outake from when I filmed the movie, Universal Soldier: The Return (Sony Pictures) with Jean Claude Van Damme and pro wrestler Bill Goldberg. This was a scene where...
Easy way to brighten your home gym

  New! Flower Dumbbell Weights Give your home gym, fitness studio or health club a makeover As seen on Kiana's eGym & Fit Mom TV! Get some and follow along! Aloha! You asked for it, you got it! Here it is! Kiana's Flower Weights as seen in...

Coconut Coffee? My pre-workout cup of coffee.

  Coffee helps prevent post workout muscle cramps. A teaspoon of coconut oil makes it creamy and nutty. Pre workout Coconut Coffee Coffee is excellent for REDUCING POST WORKOUT MUSCLE SORENESS and has been linked to ABDOMINAL ☕️ FAT REDUCTION. Read on...

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