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Infused Water for Better Health, Skin & Hair

Improve your health by drinking fruit infused water! Easily add nutrients, natural flavor and color to plain water. Here’s how to use the Fruit Infusion Bottle.

Coconut Coffee? My pre-workout cup of coffee.

Coconut Coffee Coffee is excellent for REDUCING POST WORKOUT MUSCLE SORENESS and has been linked to ABDOMINAL ☕️ FAT REDUCTION. Read on…

Video Post: Mmm. Mangos

Here is a fun way to cut and eat mangos. I call them Mango Turtles!

Reduce Risk of Sunburn

Hello Sunshine!  🙂 Want to Reduce Risk of Sunburn? A wide brimmed sun hat can protect your skin from too much sun.   But did you know that a recent study shows that citrus extract and rosemary extract can reduce the risk of sunburn by 40%*? Antioxidants–like the ones found in citrus and rosemary–neutralize free radicals and halt the kind of damage that can cause premature aging and skin cancer. More

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Recommended Vitamins. Protein. Creatine.

Expert exercise. Healthy Eating. Made Simple.

You know you’re getting into shape when…

…Feeling sore after a workout feels good
You are happier
You crave healthy food
Your healthy habits start to influence others

Do you crave salty or sweet snacks? Try these healthy options for both

Do you crave salty or sweet snacks? Try these healthy options for both

Hot Lava Egg White Spinach Pepper Feta Frittata

Got 10 minutes? Try this… Hot Lava Frittata. Healthy, simple, delicious Breakfast Frittata that has organic spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese. High in protein and healthy vegetables. Kiana’s Fit Cooking. Eat clean, fuel foods.

Kiana’s 15 min. Healthy Udon Noodle Soup – Made with Tilapia & Kale!

Want to enjoy a healthy delicious soup in 15 minutes? Try my simple and healthy Udon Soup with tilapia and organic kale. This recipe is lower in sodium than the traditional soup and is higher in protein and vegetables.

Kiana’s Kale Chips

I love Kale Chips. They are crunchy and naturally salty. My kids fight over them 🙂 Kale: a highly nutritious vegetable with powerful antioxidant properties; considered to be anti-inflammatory. Contains sulforaphane, a chemical believed to have potent anti-cancer properties. Wow!

Fit Tip: 5 Reasons Why You Should Sip Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

FIT TIP: Sip a cup of warm lemon water every morning to boost you’re immune system! Here are just some of the other benefits: Helps to balance the body Aids digestion Flushes out toxins Improves health of the skin and eyes Can help with weight loss Check out all my Fit Tips here: my Fit Food Recipe eBook with 60+ healthy recipes here:

Fit Fast Food Recipe: Body Builder Meal High Protein Base Mix

Here is one of my favorite recipes that I have been making ever since the bodybuilding & Kiana’s Flex Appeal days! Now I make it for my kids and they LOVE it! I make this every week and keep it in the refrigerator to add to lettuce wraps, in taco shells, in pita bread, put on pizza, or stuff bell peppers. It’s great for lunches and to put in air tight containers to enjoy with baked tortilla chips for lunch on the go.

Recipe: Kiana Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Salad

Aloha! Here is a family favorite recipe for Pineapple Salad. I modified it to include more protein and no sugar added. It is a delicious and refreshing Salad that is ideal for parties since it stays fresher longer. Fresh pineapple is the best, but canned in water works too.

Tips: Top Foods For Men

To be our fittest selves possible, we must exercise and eat healthy foods. But, what foods are best for men? A few months ago, I posted “Top Foods for Women.” Here are the “Top Foods For Men.”

Fire House Orange Soda Ribs Recipe

Melt in your mouth ribs. Perfect for cheat days after 6 days of clean eating.

Kiana POWER Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe! Benefits of Pumpkin include anti oxidants, wrinkle prevention and serotonin!

Semi Custom Recipe that I love to make in 10 minutes. These are the best Pancakes I’ve ever had. I love the texture, the healthy almonds and dried fruit, too! Enjoy!

7 Fit Food Grocery Shopping Tips

Hitting the Grocery Store? Here are Fit Food Tips I live by:

Fit Food Tips: Organic vs. Conventional Foods

Do you eat organic? Find out the Top 5 and Least 5 states that eat organic.