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Aloha! Did you see my latest Instagram Post? Juicy Guess which one is mine and which is my daughters? Juicing is a healthy and refreshing way to make sure you get more fruit and veggies.-2 applesSlice lemon orangebanana⛄️ice and water

Partner Exercises

This is a repost from Valentines Day! Love it! Sorry, the audio is a little funny, but the exercises are fit fun! Enjoy! Grab your spouse, kids or friend and get busy! Fun Valentines partner exercises you can do anywhere! Enjoy!

PJ workout

Check out this new image   Proof that you can exercise anytime. Kiana Jr., my Mini Me daughter doing chin ups before bed. Hello Kitty footie pajamas and all. Love it!

Video: Fit Kids 5 Challenge

Studies show that children need 60 minutes of exercise every day, part of which should be muscle strengthening activities.

Fit Cooking: Corn Husk Handles

This is a simple and pretty way to wrap your corn husks.  It is perfect for summer barbecues and provides a handle for enjoying your corn on the cob 🙂 Kids and adulst love this! Enjoy!  

Video: Aloha, Have Your Little Kids take the Fit Kids Challenge!

Aloha!  I am Kiana Jr.!  My Mommy is Kiana Tom, Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN.  I wanted to lead a Fit Kids Challenge to help kids around the world be active and fit!  Have your kids see if they can do these 5 exercises? 1, 2, or 3 times in a row? Comment if you can do it? See you next time! Stay Fit Kids! Kiana Jr.

Star Jumps with my Fit Kid

“Inspire your child to love fitness at an early age.”  Kiana Tom.  I teach my kids to do star jumps, body squats, plank, push ups, lunges. We go paddle boarding, skiing, swimming. I didn’t start strength training until I was 16.  It is important to me to help my kids and other kids in the Fit Kids Camps strengthen their core, learn proper form and technique for basic exercises. They

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Fit Mom TV High Protein Taco Casserole – Saves Well for EZ Reheat on Busy Days

This recipe is wonderful! It’s delicious, simple and makes great leftovers. It keeps well in the frig for EZ reheat on busy days.  My kids love it too! Ingredients: 1 package extra lean ground turkey 1 package corn tortillas (do not use flour, ruins the recipe and is fattening) 1 tsp. canola oil or non stick spray 1/4 onion diced 1 package no msg, no nitrates, low sodium taco seasoning or

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Fit Kids TV Cooking: Peanut Butter Balls

Join Fit Kids, Anelalani & Kiana Jr. as they show your kids how to make yummy peanut butter balls with natural peanut butter, flax seed, oats and organic honey.

Fit Kids TV Cooking Video: Apple Dessert

Kiana Jr. hosts Fit Kids TV Cooking and shows you how to make a fun Apple Dessert using organic apples, brown sugar, whole wheat bread and butter from grass fed cows.

Fit Kids TV: Greek Yogurt Fruit Pops

Fit Kids TV: In today’s episode, 4 year old Kiana Jr. shows you how to make Greek Yogurt Fruit Pops! Fun and healthy treat! Fit Kids TV is Hosted by Kiana Jr., daughter of Kiana Tom of Kiana’s Flex Appeal fame.

National Obesity Trends You Don’t Know

National Obesity Trends. Frightening Facts.

Kiana Tom launches Fit Kids Mini Boot Camps & After School Programs! Help Create a Generation of Fit Kids!

More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. Help Kiana make a difference and create a generation of Fit Kids!

4 Fun & Active Gift Ideas for Kids

Here are 4 terrific gift ideas for Fit, Active Kids. I am getting 3 of the 4 for my girls 🙂

Mini Pie Cups

I am always looking for unique ways to secretly portion control foods, especially dessert. Here is a recipe for Pie-in-a-Cup. You can use any pie filling you like! Enjoy!

15 Tips to Avoid the Freshman 15 and Avoid Gaining Weight in College

Realistic tips to help you or your child avoid gaining weight in college and dodge the Freshman 15.


My family and I love guacamole, but it can be very high in fat. Here is a wonderful way to increase the nutritional value and flavor, too! Enjoy!

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