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Wet & Wild Water Park! Fit Family Fun in Sunny Palm Springs, CA

Wet & Wild Water Park Fun place to get wet and stay cool for summer or spring break! So many great restaurants in beautiful sunny Palm Springs, CA too!    It’s 110 degrees in Palm Springs, CA! What should we do today? How about trying Wet & Wild Water Park? Never been there before! First stop, let’s figure out what to do, what to see! Let’s change into our swimsuits

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Partner Exercises

This is a repost from Valentines Day! Love it! Sorry, the audio is a little funny, but the exercises are fit fun! Enjoy! Grab your spouse, kids or friend and get busy! Fun Valentines partner exercises you can do anywhere! Enjoy!

Easy Way to Improve Your Health & Appearance

An EASY way to improve your health right now Drink a couple glasses of water Water helps flush toxins out of the body, hydrates your skin and hair. Plus, if you are trying to lose weight, drinking a glass before you eat it gives you a feeling of fullness which helps with weight management. Studies show most people do not drink enough water. – How many glasses have you had so far

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Fit Family Tips

Staying Fit During Holidays & Anytime USA today interview “Best in Fitness” USA Today Focus. “Focusing basically means paying attention or being mindful about what you are doing at the moment,” says Tom. “So if you’re mindful about your surroundings, you want to take yourself out of situations that invite eating too much. if you know you can’t stop at just one, don’t eat that one. Or perhaps a couple

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PJ workout

Check out this new image   Proof that you can exercise anytime. Kiana Jr., my Mini Me daughter doing chin ups before bed. Hello Kitty footie pajamas and all. Love it!

Island Walk

  Island Walk I took this photograph while walking with my daughter, Anelalani on the island of Kauai. It had just rained and it was warm and tropical. I love the texture of the trees, the lush colors of the grass and leaves. When I look at this photo, it makes me feel peaceful and calm. I love walking: power walking, walking on the beach, with my dogs, alone and

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Video: Fit Kids 5 Challenge

Studies show that children need 60 minutes of exercise every day, part of which should be muscle strengthening activities.

How to Stay Fit on Vacation

…However, this trip, my kids and husband talked me into trying an all inclusive resort. Being the FIT MOM that I am I was hesitant to know my kids would be able to eat whenever and whatever they wanted. And I don’t like the idea of being surrounded by people gorging themselves on unhealthy food…

Video: Aloha, Have Your Little Kids take the Fit Kids Challenge!

Aloha!  I am Kiana Jr.!  My Mommy is Kiana Tom, Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN.  I wanted to lead a Fit Kids Challenge to help kids around the world be active and fit!  Have your kids see if they can do these 5 exercises? 1, 2, or 3 times in a row? Comment if you can do it? See you next time! Stay Fit Kids! Kiana Jr.

9 Must Haves for Sunny Family Days

As a busy Fit Mom of 2 young children, there are key items I must have to make my life easier.  I am always out watching the kids play soccer, basketball, horseback riding, swimming…. Here are a few of the items I just purchased and thought you might like too! I love this chair! It holds my iPhone, camera, water, healthy snacks. Everyone is so jealous of my chair! It’s

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National Obesity Trends You Don’t Know

National Obesity Trends. Frightening Facts.

Kiana Tom launches Fit Kids Mini Boot Camps & After School Programs! Help Create a Generation of Fit Kids!

More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. Help Kiana make a difference and create a generation of Fit Kids!

Fit Cooking Healthy Recipes eBook – 60 Recipes!

I have compiled my personal library of Fit Go To Recipes that I make often, my recipes are higher in lean protein, complex carbs, good fats: No added sugar, butter or salt in most. I also have some of my exclusive Healthy Hawaiian Family Recipes in there too! Aloha!

15 Tips to Avoid the Freshman 15 and Avoid Gaining Weight in College

Realistic tips to help you or your child avoid gaining weight in college and dodge the Freshman 15.

Healthy Hula Girl Banana Muffins

My famous Kiana Kona Banana Bread is now a Healthy Fit Mom Muffin with crunchy topping. Make extra and heat in oven to give it the just baked crunch.

Did you know? Fitness Guru Kiana Tom Father was Child Actor + Charlie Chan Series 20th Century Fox?

My parents are very athletic and greatly influenced my life and career. Mom was a Physical Education teacher and pioneered aerobics and body mechanics. Dad a child actor. Here is a peak into his career. Moms’ is coming soon. Aloha! LAYNE TOM JR. LAYNE TOM, JR. WAS A CHILD ACTOR IN THE LATE 1930’S – 40’S. HE ENJOYED A WONDERFUL CAREER IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, HAVING PERFORMED IN THE MOVIES, ON RADIO AND ON STAGE.

Why Kiana Don’t Camp. Advice Needed for 1st Family Camping Trip

In our wedding vows, I clearly said, “Kiana don’t camp.” Now my kids convinced me to try it. Guest my fear of camping is because I grew up in a family where suites and room service were the norm. Camping was not having a suite. Guess it’s because my father….