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Exercise: Shoulder Shockers

Shoulder Shockers Sculpt strong and sexy shoulders Muscle groups: Anterior, lateral, posterior deltoids How to do Shoulder Shockers: Do one rep of each move as a 3 part exercise All 3 moves equal 1 repetition Starting position: Stand with feet shoulder width, shoulders back and down, abs tight, knees slightly bent.  Hold weights in each hand. The Move: Exhale as you raise the weights to shoulder level, palms facing downward. 

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Kiana’s Flex Appeal Bikini Back Workout in Hawaii

This is a terrific workout to strengthen your back and rear delts. Love that you can do it anywhere using minimal gear (and minimal clothing! haha) When I wrote the workouts for Kiana’s Flex Appeal I wanted to use proven exercises that really work and that could stand the test of time.  No gimmicks, just training hard using basic weight training moves. Aloha!

Exercise: Barbell Dead Lifts

Dead lifts: Why I love them: Because I feel so strong and powerful when I do them.  They strengthen the core stabilization muscles that we use in daily life: core, glutes, hamstrings.  A favorite closed chain exercise. How to do them: Start with feet hip width.  Shoulders back and down, abs tight. Squat down and Grasp a barbell with opposite grips (one palm facing you the other outward). Look forward

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