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Rolling Tuck: Lower Abs Exercise

Aloha! Here is a simple exercise to help flatten your abs and strengthen your lower abs. Beginners: start with feet & shoulders flat. Intermediate / Advanced: start with feet & shoulders a few inches off the floor. How to: Keep you pelvis tucked under so your lower back is firmly on the floor. Exhale as you roll your knees in, lifting your Okole (butt in Hawaiian) off the floor. Hold

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Exercise: Shoulder Shockers

Shoulder Shockers Sculpt strong and sexy shoulders Muscle groups: Anterior, lateral, posterior deltoids How to do Shoulder Shockers: Do one rep of each move as a 3 part exercise All 3 moves equal 1 repetition Starting position: Stand with feet shoulder width, shoulders back and down, abs tight, knees slightly bent.  Hold weights in each hand. The Move: Exhale as you raise the weights to shoulder level, palms facing downward. 

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5 Love Your Legs Exercises Video

Build strong & sexy, shapely, toned legs! 5 Exercises to Love ❤️ Your Legs! Here are 5 wonderful exercises you can do right at home or in the gym.  Using free weights and your own body weight, it’s easy to strengthen your legs and glutes, blast major calories and reduce body fat. You can do them in a circuit like I demonstrate here in Kiana’s EGYM short sample video. –

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Triceps kickbacks

This is one of my very favorite exercises to tighten and tone the muscles in the back of the arm. It is an excellent move for men and women. Make sure that you start with your upper and lower arm at a 90° angle, your core tight, shoulders retracted and knees bent. Exhale as you extend your arm backwards until your arms are straight with a slight bend in the

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Gear: Cardio Speed Balls! Lose Fat! Lose Weight!

Perfect for Interval Training. No worry of tripping over a jump rope and interrupting your cardiovascular or interval workout. Plus your shoulders & arms get extra defined.   SAMPLE EXERCISES YOU CAN DO WITH THE SPEED BALLS: Beginners: Intermediate: Advanced: $19.95 + s/h. Includes FREE Signed Motivational Photo from Kiana!~ All major credit cards accepted. You don’t need to be a Pay Pal member to purchase. The “Secret Weapon.” Used

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