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Kiana 500 Rep Challenge

Aloha Everyone! Ready to take my 500 Rep Challenge? Challenges are an effective way to get motivated, shock your muscles into shape and progress to the next fitness level and get back on the fitness wagon if you’ve fallen off:) This 500 Rep Challenge is AWESOME! This workout will help you get tight and strong! It combines cardio, legs, glutes, chest, shoulders arms and abs! How to do it: set

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Take Kiana’s 4 Week Flex HIIT Challenge! Get the lean, sexy, healthy, fit body you really want!

Improve your health and fitness & get the body you really want! Kiana’s Flex HIIT 4 Week Challenge is a complete training program.

eGym: 3 Way Workout

Muscles: Full Body Workout Gear: Weights, Slam Ball Type: 3 Way & Flex HIIT Fit Focus: Upper Body Duration: 40 min

eGym: Kiana’s Football FLEX HIIT

DIRTY 30S Muscles: Full Body Blast Gear: Weights & Mat Type: Dirty 30s Fit Focus: Core Duration: 30 min KIANA’S GYM IS NOW ONLINE! Members access 100’s of videos, live shows, tutorials, fitness challenges, interviews, recipes!  Award winning workouts. Full body blasts! Not a member? SIGN UP HERE and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS!

eGym: Shred Your Core

SUPER 7 STRENGTH CIRCUIT + BODY WEIGHT ONLY FLEX HIIT + ABS Muscles: CORE / Full Body Gear: Weights, Slam Ball, Flex Mat, Kettle Bell, Band Type: Strength Circuit, Flex HIIT 15, Floor Work Fit Focus: Core / Abs Duration: 40 min

Hot-for-the-Holidays 30 Day Challenge

Start the Holidays off IN SHAPE! Get tight and toned and ROCK your LBD or Little Silver Dress! Dodge Holiday weight gain! Start NOW! In 30 days, you’ll wish you had!

Fire Fighter Challenge! Couples Workout!

Today in Kiana’s Online Gym: Full Body Fit HIIT, Awesome Abs Interval and Fun Couples Workout. Also… any Fire Fighters our there up for the Burpie / Slam Ball Fire Fighter Challenge?! To watch the recorded workout, sign up here WHAT IS KIANA’S ONLINE GYM? It’s just like a gym with fitness classes and personal training but it’s online.  Oh, and I am your Trainer 🙂  Basically, you come to

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Take the 14 Day Challenge!

ONLINE FITNESS CLASSES More than 400 high – definition fitness videos give award winning instruction in a wide range of exercise routines for beginners to advanced levels.  Members have unlimited access to the growing video library and can progress through the workouts at their own pace or follow the live class schedule. BENEFITS FULL ACCESS to LIVE BROADCASTS! FULL ACCESS to RECENT RECORDED Fitness Classes. So if you miss a

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Kiana’s 7 Day Challenge

If you’ve followed me on Kiana’s Flex Appeal (or BodyShaping), you know that I am 100% passionate about helping others get super fit, enjoying a better quality of life and being your “go to” key source of health and fitness information. Get motivated and workout with me online! Sign up for the 7 Day Challenge – You can do this!

5 Things You Need to Get in Shape Fast, Safely with Results that LAST~!

Kiana’s Aloha 2014 New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge begins on January 13th and we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to make it successful! To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and put together some recommendations that will allow you to purchase anything or everything you need with one click, all from! Already have some of the products? No worries – you can buy everything individually if that works better for you!

Take the Get Lean 6 Class Challenge!

How does it work? You will have access to 6 pre recorded classes designed to help you get lean and more fit. Over 2 weeks time, you will do six (6) 30-45 minute pre-recorded classes that will tighten and strengthen your entire body! At the end of the 2 weeks,