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🏼Kiana’s Flex Appeal for Sexy Arms

Aloh Flex Appealers! This episode was filmed in Jamaica it was so beautiful there. We stayed right on the beach the sand was white and the water was a bright turquoise color. I styled this workout to have color coordinated pastel bikinis and we all...

Do you take naps?

I’m teaching myself to nap. I’ve always been the type of person who thought napping was unproductive. I’d rather be doing something active instead of sleeping. If I were tired id go workout to wake up. I really did not like napping or sleeping for...

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Kiana’s eGym

Hi Everyone! Join my new eGym and get fit with me online!  In my gym and on location, I will teach you how to get strong, lean and fit wherever in the world you live! You get instant access to 100s of exclusive workout videos,...

Kiana Teaches Fitness

In her gym and on location, Kiana teaches you how to get strong, lean and fit! Kiana Tom is the Creator and Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the “#1 rated fitness show in the history of the network after only 1 week of airing.” ESPN. Demographics:...

Aloha Apple Pie
Aloha Apple Pie

Aloha Apple Pie No Sugar Added. Simple Ingredients. Organic Apples I rarely eat dessert, but when I do, it must have solid nutritional value.   That's one of the main reasons I love apple pie. Using fresh organic apples and no sugar, you can create a delicious dessert...

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the photo on the left was taken 25 years before the photo on the right. Without weight lifting I would not have the muscle I do now.
Reverse the Aging Process

Fitness is truly the Fountain of Youth Lose Fat!  Reverse the signs of aging with Exercise As we age, we lose appx. 1% of muscle per year.  Our bone strength weakens.   Our metabolism slows down.  We basically get softer, rounder and shorter. Yikes! To fight the aging...

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