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Body Shaping Cast: Can you name everyone?

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Body Shaping Cast: Can you name everyone?

Body Shaping Cast

Can you name everyone in the photo? Hint. The woman in the black bikini is Kiana 🙂

When I was first hired on Body Shaping it was hosted by 6 time Ms. Olympia, Cory Everson.  I was hired as here assistant and my sole job was to follow along and count the reps.  I remember being ecstatic because I got to keep the shoes!

We filmed most of the episodes at the Turtle Bay Resort on the famed North Shore of Oahu.  Home to the amazing Triple Crown of surfing where the waves are so huge the beach shakes like an earthquake.

This photo was taken when we filmed at the Swept Away Resort in Negril Jamaica.  One night after filming, I asked the waiter for chicken breasts.  He said, "Sorry Ms. Kiana, we only have chicken hips!?" Hm. I didn't know chicken had hips.  But they were really good. Tasted like chicken. Ba dump bump. Che.

After working as Cory's assistant, they brought in Rick and we co-hosted the show together.  As I grew to understand the production side of things and developed my own concepts for workout segments and the show, I realized my dream was to Host my own show. I soon left Body Shaping to Host my own lifestyle fitness series that I created and Hosted.

Kiana's Flex Appeal was born.

Kiana's Flex Appeal Cast Season 1 Kiana's Flex Appeal behind the scenes

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