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Aloha! Did you see this?

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I Love the Rain! ️ One of my favorite Hawaiian islands is Kauai because it's the greenest island of them all. It rains frequently during the day. It's sunny most of the day too ️ But the island is filled with lush green plants. It's sooo beautiful. If you haven't been there I hope you do.- I never filmed Kiana's Flex Appeal on Kauai, we filmed on the island of Maui which I love love love! We filmed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel @ritzcarlton,the Grand Wailea @grandwailea and the McKenna Resort-️When it rains I love how T he air feels so clean and cool. The palm trees get a nice long drink of water. We need this rain! When it rains I out out buckets to catch the fresh rain water.-Do you like the rain?-Watch Kiana's Flex Appeal HD at www.kiana.comEGYM.KIANA.COM. Log on. Get fit. Peak into my Gym. Train with me.-Snapchat KianaTomFlexPeriscope: Kiana_Tom#kianatom #kiana #rain #love #me #umbrella #pink #smile #nature #happy #springshow #spring #shower #water #drought #instagood #instalike

Aloha! Did you see this?

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