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Kiana's Flex Appeal

Upon its debut in 1995, Kiana’s Flex Appeal achieved the “highest ratings in the history of ESPN network after only 1 week of airing.”  Kiana’s Flex Appeal is the “#1 rated fitness show of all time” airing worldwide in 80 million homes around the world. Episodes are still airing worldwide.


In addition to Hosting her top rated fitness show, she is also the Creator and Founder.

kiana tom flex appeal home gym

Kiana created the popular segments: Home Gym, Pro G


ym, Aqua Flex, Target Training, Kids to Seniors.

Due to the success of Kiana and her show, ESPN and Kiana developed additional television shows!


"Kiana's Too Fit 2 Quit," "Summer Sizzle with Kiana," "Extreme Energy" and "Hot Summer Nights with Kiana."

Kiana was one of the first Hosts for the "X Games" and Hosted the  Super Bowl Nightlife for ABC.

Kiana Tom USA Flag Bikini #1 Rated Show of all time ESPN

She has appeared on thousands of televised interviews, magazines covers, editorials, radio spots, print ads, guest appearances, television sitcoms, celebrity functions and movies.



2015: Kiana Tom receives the coveted FITNESS LEGEND Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ICA.


Kiana is the proud recipient of the United States Sports Academy Award.

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Kiana Tom

Kiana has written tens of thousands of health and fitness shows for ESPN.

She created the trend setting workout segments: “Home Gym,” “Pro Gym,” “Target Training” and “Water Workouts” for her television series.  Other popular training segments include: Aqua Flex Workouts, Hotel Room Workouts, Fitness for All Ages, Kids to Seniors, Cross Training and Sports Training.

"I wanted people to feel like they were on the healthiest fitness vacation in the world, that they could enjoy through their television! My goal was to combine a lush, tropical background, an attractive-ethnically-diverse-fit cast with expert fitness advice!" says Kiana.

Kiana's Flex Appeal

To ensure the “style and content of the shows matched her vision,” Kiana was instrumental in virtually every aspect of the television production including: location selection, casting, wardrobe selection, editing dailies, approving all edits and motivating the 35 person cast & crew that consisted of 5 cameras including jib, dolly, steady and underwater cameras.

Kiana's Flex Appeal

Kiana personally writes the workout routines and episodes for both “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” and “Fit Mom TV” to lead millions of viewers around the world live a healthier lifestyle.

Kiana has led thousands of televised workouts that have motivated millions worldwide. She has done 3.5 million reps in career, and counting.


Kiana has hosted tens of thousands of television shows in studio(s), on location(s) and in front of live audience(s,) utilizing improve, TelePrompTer, IFB and cue cards.


An avid athlete, Kiana often hosted sports shows that required her to Host on camera, while on inline skates, mountain bikes or snow skis.


As Host of the popular “X Games,” Kiana’s athletic abilities enabled her to participate in many of the extreme sports to “get the interview” such as downhill street luging at 50 mph.


Kiana has conducted hundreds of interviews for national and international television shows. As a leader in the fitness industry, Kiana was host to the national and international Fitness America Pageant series, “Kiana is a true role model.”



Kiana’s notoriety transcends all media: Kiana starred in Sony Picture’s Movie: Universal Soldier with Jean Claude Van Damme, enjoyed guest appearances on the Drew Carrey Show, Family Law, CBS News, Fox News, Monday Night Live, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Hosted the ABC Superbowl Nightlife Special, to name a few.  Kiana has hosted tens of thousands of televised workouts, graced the covers and pages of hundreds of magazines.

Kiana's Flex Appeal




Kiana is an award winning, trusted health and fitness authority and a key source of information for 20 years on ESPN. Her shows are still airing around the globe today. She is recognized around the world as a role model to millions. Kiana and her show reach millions of fitness minded enthusiasts and consumers on a daily basis, across multiple platforms.



”Queen of Fitness” Access Hollywood.  ”Power Princess” TV Guide. “Best in Fitness” USA Today. “Fitness Guru” Entertainment Tonight.”  ”Top Show to Watch” Entertainment Weekly. “Top TV Trainer” FIT Magazine. “Top TV Workout” Cosmopolitan Magazine. “Top Role Model” MSNBC. “Global Fitness Authority” Sony Pictures. “Fitness Legend” FitTV.   United States Sports Academy Award.

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Kiana has been sought after, interviewed and quoted in a wide variety of media including: the United States Sports Academy, USA Today, Jane Fonda’s new movie “Fitness Legends,” LA Times, Shark Tank ABC, E!, TV Guide, Fit TV, Entertainment Weekly Magazine, CBS Health, ESPN, Fox News Channel, Cosmopolitan Magazine, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Fit TV, Fit Magazine, CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN2, Maxim Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, Eye on LA, Sony Pictures, Late Late Show, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, Yolk Magazine, Health and Fitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine, CNBC, Sony Pictures.

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Kiana earned her Bachelor of Arts at UCLA and was named “One of the most significant UCLA Alumni” alongside Healther Locklear, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Arthur Ashe.


After the birth of her first daughter, Kiana and was asked to speak on Fox News regarding the President's Council on Physical Fitness for Kids.


After taking time off from the TV and fitness biz to start a family, Kiana's new Fit Mom demographic has been received with over whelming response. Kiana is married to Dennis, a Fire Chief. They spend their time living in both in Hawaii and California. Together they have 2 daughters, 2 dogs and a horse. "After many years of being a role model to millions around the world, I love being a Fit Mom role model to my children.  I am so proud that they love to be active, know how to make healthy choices and motivate other kids to do the same." says Kiana.


Interview requests and guest appearances for Kiana, please contact us here. Aloha!