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9 Must Haves for Sunny Family Days

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As a busy Fit Mom of 2 young children, there are key items I must have to make my life easier.  I am always out watching the kids play soccer, basketball, horseback riding, swimming....


Here are a few of the items I just purchased and thought you might like too!

I love this chair! It holds my iPhone, camera, water, healthy snacks. Everyone is so jealous of my chair! It's light weight and I love the table! Great for music festivals too.

One for me...

One for hubby...

I eat or have a protein shakes every few hours to keep my blood sugar levels up and mood even.  This is great for busy mornings or on the go snack. Love that the cup is the blender.

I bought this at a soccer camp with my daughter and we paid $40 - this one is less $.  You simply stick it in the dirt, press with your foot and the umbrella slides in.  Perfect for soccer games to stay out of the hot sun.

I love this makeup and wear it everyday. It's skin care + makeup + 50 spf.  It covers everything and feels so light 🙂 Great for photos, selfies or videos too!

I have this visor that has traveled with me all over the world and still looks brand new! It's by Scala - they make the best sun hats. This visor rolls up, the straw is soft and doesn't break.  The visor is really big, keeps the sun off my face and chest. Comes in all colors 🙂

My daughter asked Santa for this last year.  I kept using it, so I had to get one for myself 🙂

Now it's comfortable to sit in the bleachers for a couple of hours without doing a constant mini hyperextension.

One for me...

And one for hubby 🙂

Do you have any items you really like too?

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