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5 Ways to Rev Your Metabolism and Stay Young

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Your metabolism slows after you turn 30.  But never fear, Kiana is here! Here are 5 simple ways to rev your metabolism. 

"Fitness is the fountain of youth!" Kiana.

Here are 5 simple ways to kick start your metabolism.

Let's do it!


1. Strength Train: Increasing and maintaining lean muscle keeps your metabolism high because it takes more energy to sustain muscle than fat.  Set your sites on strength training for a minimum of 20 min. three times per week. 

Tip: Workout with my free LIVE Online Fitness Classes every MWF @ 9am pst.  I lead you through full body strength training circuits that you can do in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

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2. Eat every few hours.  Your body is like a furnace.  You've got to keep it fueled.  Eat small "Mini Meals" as I call them.  Each Mini Meal should have protein, complex carbs and veggies just like your main meal, only smaller.

Tip: I will take 1/2 of my lunch home and eat it as a Mini Meal later that day.  Pack your briefcase, gym bag or purse with pre-packaged almonds and protein bars.

3. PROtein.  Don't let your muscles breakdown, it slows your metabolism  Protein contains amino acids that rebuild muscle tissue. 

Tip: Eat clean protein with every snack.  Think hard boiled eggs, string cheese, Greek yogurt, edamame, natural peanut butter and whole grain crackers.

4. Fiber is fuel. It takes more energy to process fiber, so you are keeping your metabolism busy.  Plus, it keeps you fuller longer. 

Tip: I tell my kids, in general, if something takes you longer to chew, it's got more fiber, like an apple.

5. Quick Cardio: Intense cardio can give you a post metabolic boost where you literally burn more calories all day long! FYI: I did my Quick HIIT workout on today's LIVE streaming workout and I am still maximizing my calorie burning potential even as I post this.  I am still sweating! Love it!


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