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5 Simple Ways to Trigger Happiness :)

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☀️Beach Happy! 5 ways to trigger happiness:

5 Simple Ways to Trigger Happiness

1) go to your happy place

Where do YOU feel happiest? Go there.  For my husband, he is happy working on his classic cars. For me, I'm happiest by the ocean. It gives me energy! I love the breeze and the power of the ocean. Sand between my toes. Sound of the waves.  A little beach, waves and surf for you 🙂

I also love my bedroom.  I have it decorated very tranquil with neutral leopard tones. Lots of candles. And it gets the sunset view.

2) music: instant positive feelings

Music instantly sets the mood, happy, romantic, energy boost.  Play your favorite music, play the guitar, try it. I am very music oriented. I have been playing the guitar and piano since age 5. My kids and I have so much fun playing the Uke and Guitars at sunset.

kiana tom playing guitar
3) expressively love your pet(s)

Not just patting him on the head, but really hug, scratch, play and praise ❤️ No matter how big or small.  My dogs Kona and Hula are so loving and always want to play. I love animals more than some people! Surround yourself with positive people and animals. Here is my oldest daughter, Anelalani with her "little" horse Lucky.

kiana tom daughter and her horse

kiana tom hi 5 her dog kona

Here I am High 5 with Kona.  I rescued him as a puppy, some mean person dumped him and his siblings in the garbage 🙁

4) get a little sunshine. ☀️

Studies show that exposure to sunlight can lift your mood.  I try and expose myself to sunlight as soon as I wake up. If the day is gloomy, so is my mood. If you don't have sunshine, a light box works too!

kiana tom hat bikini run on beach

5) Exercise!

(Okay you knew it was going to be on my list! Exercise releases positive feel good endorphins! Move your body or buy my EGuides for a complete workout anytime anywhere!

"100% of the time I fell 100% better after my workout!" Kiana 4 week challenge
Beach Happy sending you positive vibes and good health Have a happy day!

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