5 Love Your Legs Exercises Video

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02 Feb 5 Love Your Legs Exercises Video


Build strong & sexy, shapely, toned legs!

5 Exercises to Love Your Legs!

Here are 5 wonderful exercises you can do right at home or in the gym. Using free weights and your own body weight, it's easy to strengthen your legs and glutes, blast major calories and reduce body fat. You can do them in a circuit like I demonstrate here in Kiana's EGYM short sample video.



1) Strong & Sexy Split Jumps: Keeping your shoulders back & core tight, do 3 split jumps alternating legs. Before you jump, Make sure your front knee is directly over the ankle; upper and lower leg at a 90 degree angle. After your 3rd rep, lean toward your front leg engaging your core the entire time.
2) Skier Squats: Stand in an athletic stance, hold a dumbbell in each hand, shoulders back, abs tight, knees slightly bent. From this position, lower down into a deep squat so your butt goes below your knees. Simultaneously, extend your arms backward as if you are skiing. Hold for a beat & return to starting position. Tip make sure the flex the muscles in the back of your upper arm or tricep muscles as you extend your arms
3) Fit Frog Jumps: get in a straight arm / straight leg plank position. Make sure your hips are in alignment with your shoulders, so that your butt is not sticking up or you do not have a swayback. Jump both feet toward your hands, forward and backward engaging the core the entire time.
4) Love Triangles:  Stand in a wide stance, toes pointing slightly outward, holding a lightweight in your left hand, raise your arm overhead. Slightly lunge towards the right, with your right knee is directly over the ankle and your left leg extended to your left side. Shoulders back, and tight. Do you not to move your knees from this position. The Move: while looking up toward your left hand, slowly lean toward your right ankle, hinging at the waist. Exhale and return to starting position. Make sure you look up to the dumbbell the entire time using the muscles in your hamstrings and glutes to raise and lower your body.
5) Booty Lifts: get a nonsurgical butt lift with this exercise! Lie flat on your Tummy on a fitness bench. Core tight. Start with your feet spread apart on each side of the bench with the inner part of your feet touching the floor. From this position exhale as you lift both feet up touching your heels together as high as you can in the center.
Flex HIIT: 50 seconds of each move followed by 10 seconds rest. 3 rounds

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