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5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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It's the Holidays! Extra pressure and stress is unavoidable. But there are some EZ ways to help you stay healthier.


1. Exercise - do a little.  When you are busy, some is better than none.

When things get busy such as during the holiday season, most people cross off exercise from their to-do list. This is a big mistake. When things get busy and stressful it is more important than ever to make sure you workout. What you can do are shorter duration workouts such as: jumping rope, going for a jog or brisk walk, doing jumping jacks, push ups & squats in your living room or join my Online gym.  You can also do a little throughout the day: 15 min. body weight workout in the morning, 15 min. walk at lunch, 15 min. strength training workout in the evening. I do my Flex HIIT routines 3 times per week when I am super busy.  It's a 15 minute full body blast that is done at a high intensity!

When you are super busy this holiday season, don't cross exercise off your to do list. Instead, cross of cleaning the house!




What is Flex HIIT 15?

This is a proven method of training that I created and a highly effective way of training.  It really works and WILL get you the results you want. I took the best of the best Kiana's Flex Appeal exercises and combined them with killer core moves and intense cardio.

These are short duration, full body exercise routines that are effective in reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle and energy!  You can do them in 15 minutes flat which makes them perfect for busy people - during the holiday season and anytime.  I Broadcast my FLEX HIIT 15 routines from my gym by the beach in the Premier Virtual Gym: Get details and sign up here.

2. Eat! Don't forget to eat! Fuel Your Body & Mind!


When things get busy and stressful, we are  often not hungry and sometimes skip eating and just grab whatever is convenient, which is usually junk food or prepackaged snacks.  Combat this by planning ahead: grab bananas, apples, prepackaged almonds, bottles of water, protein bars - anything that is easy grab but healthy. Keep these in your car, in your purse, gym bag, in your office desk.  I could literally live out of my purse for a week 🙂

Check out my healthy recipes section here

3. Pre Party Mini Meal


Eat before you go to any holiday party. I always eat a light meal before I go to any party. The meal should consist of lean protein and complex carbohydrates. The reason why I recommend doing this is so that you do not arrive at the party starving and overindulge on unhealthy, fattening hors d'oeuvres. Plus if you have cocktails you will have food in your stomach already.  When you get to the party, be selective of what you choose to eat. Stick to veggies, a handful of nuts, lean protein. Stay away from heavy sauces or creamy dips (unless it's with Greek Yogurt). Alternate cocktails with sparkling water and lemon 🙂

4.  Water. Water. Water.

Did I write water? I see this all of the time. People tell me they have headaches, dry skin, dry hair, low energy. It is usually from being dehydrated. When things get busy such as during the holiday season, most people forget to drink water.

Make it easy: Here is what I have done for years: Drink a glass when you wake up, before every snack and before every meal, before bed.   This is a simple way to make sure you get enough water throughout the day.  Always carry a bottle of water with you to sip during the day.  Often when we think we are hungry we are really just thirsty.

I highly recommend getting my Detox Infusion Water Bottle. I carry this with me all the time and so do all of my friends. It is truly a wonderful invention. You simply insert your favorite fruit into the infusion cartridge and pop it into the freezer. Then you put it into your water bottle and it infuses vitamin C and nutrients and lots of healthy flavor into your water. It makes it fun and delicious to be healthy and stay hydrated.  I call it water with benefits 😛

5. Sleep


I am guilty of this one. I honestly would rather be up, doing things, being active, being productive...instead of sleeping.  I find it rather boring.  But, it's so good for you.  So for #5, do what I say, not what I do 🙂 Sleeping allows for your body to rest, your muscles to grow and your body to recover.

Try and get at least 6 hours per night, 8 hours is better. Because my mind is always racing and I am always thinking of new exercises, blog posts, recipes...I keep my phone or tablet by my bed to write down what is on my mind so I can rest without trying to remember it all.   I also love to sleep in the pitch black.  I often wear eye covers and have a white noise machine on in the bedroom. In the living room we also have black out electric curtains to nap during the daytime or watch a movie.  Hm. I cannot remember the last time I napped?



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