5 Great Medicine Ball Exercises


02 Feb 5 Great Medicine Ball Exercises


5 Great Medicine Ball Moves

1 Ball. 5 Exercises

Full Body Blast in 15 minutes

1. Squat side kicks: feet hip width, knees slightly bent, core tight, shoulders back & down. The move: squat down and the Lift leg to the side. Alt sides.

2. Squat Hops: athletic stance, ball at cheat, shoulders back and don, core engaged. from this position, squat down and then jump up
3. Staggered push ups Place one hand on the ball, do push ups. keep back straight, no sway back. do it ob your knees or straight legs. inhale down. exhale as as you push up. Repeat other side.
4. Shoulder press & catch: stand with feet shoulder width, abs right, knees slightly bent, shoulders back and down. The move: toss the ball up and catch it
5. Hula Twists: hold ball at chest, wide stance, shoulders back and down, toes pointed outward. Slowly lower your body until thighs parallel to the floor. Hold and pivot to the right. Make sure right knee is directly over the ankle. Hold in lowered position. Return to center. Stand back up. Repeat other side.
☀️15 min Kiana Mini Circuit: do each exercise for 50 sec. followed by 10 sec rest. 3 rounds


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