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5 Game Day Tips so You won’t Side Line Your Fitness

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Here are some helpful tips so you don't side line your health and fitness on game day!

Healthy Super Bowl Game Day Grub! Recipes! Tight End Workout!

Try these Tips to enjoy the Big Game and stay on track to reach your fitness goals.

1. Quarterback Crunch:

choose crunchy raw veggies and Dips made with PROTEIN rich, Greek yogurt instead of processed chips that have NO nutritional value whatsoever.  Choose healthy snacks over empty calories.


2. PRO- tein:

choose the snacks with the most lean protein such as my Blitzed Baked Wings (instead of fried), grilled chicken, skewers, hard cheese and multi grain crackers, meatballs, pizza with lean ground turkey, deli sandwiches, chicken nachos instead of chips only, deviled eggs etc.


If you want Pizza (and who doesn't on Game Day?) opt for PROtein toppings such as: lean ground turkey. Or make your own ahead of time and freeze it.


3. Football Fresh:

choose the fresh foods over processed packaged ready made foods. Fruit, Kiana's Fruit Kabobs with honey yogurt dip, veggies etc.


4. Cheer -S!

Alternate 1 alcoholic drink for 2 sparkling water and lemon drinks. Alcohol is dehydrating. Plus you don't want to end up doing a drunken touchdown dance in front of your kids now that there's YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram around. Fruit Bottles
5. Quarter Stretch:

don't sit on your butt the entire 2.5-3 hours. Every quarter stand up and do jumping jacks, football fast feet or stretch.

Kiana Tom

✔️Hate to tell you but: "Sedentary is the new Smoking"  BE ACTIVE, DON'T SIT FOR HOURS ON (YOUR) END. XO KIANA

In closing.....Go Broncos! Or Raiders!

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