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4 Simple Ways to Look Healthier Now. Tan, Bronze, Healthy, Glowing, Beauty Tips.

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We all love instant gratification (including me!). Here are 4 simple things you can do to look healthier now.  These are little tricks I have learned over the years on television and to prep for photo shoots and appearances.  Hope these help you too!

1.  Shimmer Lotion

I use a Shimmer Glow Powder and Body Cream.  The powder is terrific for the face.  Apply only where the sun would naturally hit your face: forehead, cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, collar bone, shoulders.  It instantly adds a healthy, just-got-back-from-vacation glow.

Put on a glow lotion to add subtle shimmer to your skin that looks radiant for photographs! This trick works for magazine photo shoots to family pictures!

I use the Body Cream anytime I wear anything sleeveless on my shoulders and arms. I also use it on my legs for a sexy shimmer.  It makes you look better for literally any photographs:  magazines, swimsuit shoots to family pictures.  I use it for my television shows, magazine shoots, television appearances, swimsuit and fitness pictures, movies, Christmas card pics 🙂

2.  Faux Tan - Self Tanning Lotion

Use a body scrub or loofah in the shower before you put on the tanning lotion.  Apply, let dry and put on old sweats.  Go to bed and wake up beautifully tan 🙂

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Before filming Kiana's Flex Appeal I always used a self tanner and body shimmer lotion. PM

Self tanner is a simple way to look healthier and more toned.

3. Teeth Whitening

Put it on at night, wake up with your teeth a few shades whiter.  Simple.  I used to buy the exact same whiter from the Dentist for $100 per vial.  Amazon is less expensive and the same product.  This leaves more $ for shoes.

kiana black and white 2004 jeans dominic

Whiter teeth make you look healthier fast 🙂

4. Tighten and Strengthen Your Arms Fast

Sign up for a Free Trial to my Online gym and access my Sexy Arms workout.  I do these before any television show, photo shoot or appearance.  These are specific exercises that really give you instantly tighter, firmer arms. 


Sign up for a free trial here and do the workout today!

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Kiana's TV Sizzle Reel

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