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>> Aloha! So I'm Curious: Why do YOU workout?

I'll go first....For me, it's part of WHO I AM as a person. I have been doing sports since I was 5, tennis and skiing. I've been lifting weights since I was 16.  I originally started lifting weights to improve my tennis game and add muscle. I was hooked on the endorphin rush and feeling strong mentally and physically. I was addicted and would not leave the gym until every rep was done, sometimes 11pm on a Saturday night in college - I know what a fun girl I was 😛 I just Loved the way I felt during and after lifting weights. Went on to play competitive tennis, race slalom on the ski team and on the cycling team in college, entered body building contests at a time that women were muscular yet feminine.  Won trophies taller than I am!? I started swimsuit modeling while in college, and marketed myself as the "Athletic Swimsuit Model" who could play 99% of the sports. I would inline skate, bike, run, tennis, waterski, luge, volleyball, etc. My first magazine cover was Bicycling Magazine and 100s of swimsuit magazines, sports catalogs, commercials. Soon, I auditioned for a new show called "BodyShaping" and enjoyed hosting that with Rick Valente & the cast before creating and pitching my own series on ESPN, Kiana's Flex Appeal.  🙂 Fitness and health is my career, and literally part of me 🙂 I also train to show my kids how important it is to exercise and eat healthfully.  I like to lead by example.  I train to stay healthy, stay young and because I feel my very best doing it. How about you? ___________________ XOXO Kiana

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