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20 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Be More Fit with Little Effort

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20 Simple Lifestyle Tips to Help You Lose Weight & Be More Fit

Living your healthiest life means consistancy in your workouts but also in the choices you make all day.  Here are 20 simple lifestyle tips to help you improve your health, increase your fitness level and lose fat. 


Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Portion control: use smaller plates such as salad plates for easy portion control. “I cannot remember the last time I ate off a dinner plate.” Kiana
  2. Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals.  
  3. Eat healthy snacks to keep you blood sugar levels even and prevent binge eating or over eating
  4. Cut Calories by: only Drinking water / no sodas.
  5. Mix your juice 50/50 juice/water for less sugar and calories
  6. Larger meal at lunch instead of dinner
  7. Choose longer chewing foods which contain more fiber and keep you fuller longer (i.e. apple instead of apple sauce)
  8. Drink a protein shake or have a light and clean protein before bed to help your body increase muscle while you sleep
  9. Eating out: order salad dressing on the side, dip your fork in the dressing and then the salad instead of pouring the zillion calories all over the salad
  10. Skip the tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants and ask for steamed corn tortillas and guac or salsa

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Tips to Burn More Calories All Day:

    1. Workout early in the day to boost metabolism all day
    2. Lift weights in increase lean muscle, which enables your body to burn more calories efficiently
    3. Park farther at the store or errands, you will walk more and not get your car door dinged
    4. Core ball chair: strengthen the core while you sit Details or order one here
    5. Walk the dog, walk with the kids after dinner instead of sitting in front of the TV for hours
    6. Walk a little farther and a little faster everywhere you go

Sneak in little moves with every day moves, the extra effort adds up! "I always do calf raises when I brush my teeth" Kiana on Star Search to Ed McMahon. (I still do this! 🙂   Curls with your grocery bags from the car to the house.  

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Online Gym Members Advantage:

  1. Try 1 New Exercise every day: look in the Tutorials section here
  2. Do an AMRAP Workout on the weekends or on your day off from the MWF classes.  Click here for my Aloha AMRAP workout
  3. Workout in the online gym: pick a 12 min. Quick HIIT or Full Body Strength Circuit. Aim for 5 workouts per week (12 min-60 minute workouts)

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