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12 Products to Improve Your Skin & Hair

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After years of working out on the beach, filming Kiana's Flex Appeal, I've learned how to enjoy the sun but protect my skin.  When doing a photo shoot or filming shows, I always wear sunscreen - the highest spf available.  I never tan my face, instead I'll use self tanner.  kfa_kiana.com_beachbts674319

When I am not on television and in my everyday life, I always wear sunglasses & a hat to prevent squinting & crows feet and the hat shades my face from the sun rays. I have a huge collection of sunglasses and all types of hats ranging from vintage baseball caps to Hawaiian lifeguard hats, faux fur hats and sun visors and everything in between 🙂


I am always asked what skin care products I use.  Here are some of the items that I am using right now and love.  I am seeing results and hope you will too!



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