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10 Tips to Better Eating Habits

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10 tips to control portions and eat more slowly.

1. Use salad plates instead of dinner plates. It makes it easy to control portion sizes.

2. Never watch TV, read or work on the computer while you are eating.

3. Chew each bite 8 times or more and actually put the fork down in between bites.

4. Prepare a "meal" for yourself & your family, just as you would for guests: main dish, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, nice glass of wine or sparkling water with lemon. Even when I eat by myself and cook at home, I make a nice presentation.  WE are worth it.

5. Never eat over the sink, at the 'frig, out of a carton or bag.

6. Eating at a restaurant? When the food comes, put 1/2 of your food in a "to go" container for the next day's lunch. If it's not on your plate, you won't eat it.

7. Eat in order of nutrients needed: If you know you don't eat enough protein, eat the lean meat / chicken / fish first. If you are lacking in vegetables, eat those first. Etc.

8. Fruit is a refreshing, sweet dessert. Top with whipped cream for only 10 calories per Tbs.

9. If you know that "certain foods" are a weakness, do not buy them. It's easier to avoid binging if it's not in the house.

10. Drink a glass of cool water before each meal. It will fill you up so you eat more slowly.

Have a healthy day everyone!









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