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15 Fitness Inspired Valentine Gift Ideas

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Fit & Sexy Valentine Gift Ideas

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Here are some of my favorite health and fitness inspired Valentines Day Gifts

Happy Valentines Day! Kiana Tom

For Women:

Flowers - Pick all 1 color

Go for Maximum Impact! As Colin Cowie, Celeb party planner once told me, "always pick one color for maximum impact!"  So for example instead of getting a few red, a few white, a few pink... get ALL pink roses.

I love my husband! Kiana Tom

I love my husband! Kiana Tom

Sexy Shoes - Women LOVE Shoes!

High heels make your legs look long and sexy.  You walk taller and your posture is instantly better. I am loving high heel boots, high platforms & athletic wedge sneakers: Ultimate: Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers or Nike Red Sky Hi Sneakers or Leopard: PUMA Leopard Lace-Up sneakers. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You can never have enough shoes 🙂

Music - for working out & relaxing!

I love music for working out, running on the beach, relaxing, anytime! Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones would make a wonderful Valentines Gift for both men and women. Gift cards to iTunes or CDs are awesome too! I LOVE romantic music and Nature Sounds CDS for relaxing. I also love getting an Apple iTunes Prepaid Card to pick my own music for my iPhone and wireless devices! I love Rock Music for workouts.

I love Rock for Working out! Aerosmith is my all time favorite! Kiana Tom

Hubby and me Backstage with Aerosmith


Dark chocolate - 70% Cocoa

For Valentines Day, you've got to give chocolate~ Who doesn't love rich, dark chocolate? It's my favorite guilt free desert. Why eat regular chocolate in when you can eat a healthier version of dark chocolate filled with antioxidants and most importantly no guilty feelings afterward. Be sure and select dark chocolate that has a minimum of 70% dark cocoa for the maxim health benefits.

Just 1 bite of happiness! Always choose dark chocolate wtih at least 70 dark cocoa for maximum benefits.

Just 1 bar...


I love candles. Good thing I'm married to a Fire Chief! I must have dozens in every room. They instantly set the mood for relaxation.

I love Candles! Good thing I'm married to a Fire Chief!

I love Candles! Good thing I'm married to a Fire Chief!

Poems, Cards & Drawings

My very favorite cards have been ones my family members have made for me out of photographs or handwritten poems. As a mom I cherish the drawings & cards my children draw for me because it freezes time at every stage of their precious life. After all anybody can go pick out a card but it takes more time and thought to make one. Plus it freezes time and memories.

Kids notice when you exercise :)

Massages and spas

You had me a massage.  What woman doesn't love a good massage or day at the spa? How about a Spa-in-a-Basket? or sexy massage tools like a Palm Massager?  My favorite is a Beach Massage!  I love trying new spas and especially love outdoor beach massages in a private cabana, you can hear the ocean and smell the salty air while you relax....

Time for a Beach Massage! Kiana Tom

On one Valentine's Day my creative husband bought me a box of dark chocolates and put gift certificates to my favorite stores and spas inside. This is a wonderful gift for busy moms because we can schedule a massage your day at the spa around our schedule and the gift lasts for months or until you use them.

Gift cards

I know many people think gift cards are a quick fix and perhaps a little thoughtless but not me! I love shopping and would rather pick out something that I love instead of getting something I might not wear. Plus you get to enjoy shopping around and as a result the gift lasts longer until you spend it all.


For lovers, at Valentine's Day we always think of lingerie.   My advice for men out there who want to buy lingerie for their loved one, make sure the lingerie is something that she will feel comfortable and not just something you want to see her in. The fact that you think about her favorite color, the style she likes, will be much appreciated. Think ROMANCE.

Kiana Tom Bikini

Wine or Bubbly

A delicious bottle of wine or refreshing glass of champagne. Especially when it's in a bubble bath! This Valentine's Day why not surprise your wife with a warm bubble bath, a glass of wine or champagne pretty rose petals and a heartfelt card! For women effort really goes along way.

This takes dedication.

This takes dedication.

Fitness Gear

What better way to show you LOVE someone than with gifts to improve their health? How about my new Professional Grade Fitness Mat in Hottie Pink? It can take any workout you can dish out. Ships free.

New! Professional Grade Fitness Mat in Hottie Power Pink! Can take any workout you can dish out.

Also love the Pink Strong is SEXY tanks and long sleeve shirts for Valentines Day.

NEW! STRONG IS SEXY 3/4 Length Sleeve- Power Pink


I eat glitter for breakfast. I'm known for wearing a little sequins at 8am morning line up at my kid's school. During my lifetime I have been fortunate to have experienced the best things in life and been spoiled. Diamonds are always a wonderful gift, who doesn't want to little sparkly? If diamonds aren't in the budget so swarovski Crystal's and anything with bling are fabulous gifts. Or how about sparkly weights?

I eat glitter for breakfast.


There are so many wonderful and helpful websites such as Groupon that offer tremendous value is on getaways. We can getaways are some of the best vacations because you feel so refreshed afterward. It's amazing just getting out of the house and getting away from the same routine can really spice of your relationships, your outlook, and your mood.

Let's go to Mexico!

Gym membership - show your LOVE by helping your LOVED one stay healthy

Okay I have to put this one in because it's important to help our loved ones stay healthy and active. I wish I could jump through the television set or the computer and provide personal instruction for each and everyone of you.  Hosting Kiana's Flex Appeal to 80 million homes around the world, I was not able to get a personal touch to people. As you can imagine, working on television you don't know who you're talking to. However, after opening my private fitness studio I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their fitness goals, especially when they are making dramatic changes in their lifestyle, health and bodies.

Kiana's EGYM - the premier virtual gym

It is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. For example I have clients who had high blood pressure, bad backs, no muscle tone at all or who had never worked out A day in their life. Clients who: almost lost their lives in surgeries gone wrong, who were born without a hip socket (who are now doing one leg did dead lifts). I have men who used to have bad backs & extremely overweight who are now 40 pounds thinner & solid muscle.

The best part about my fitness studio is being able to see firsthand the amazing life-changing a fact that regular exercise has on everyone training with me.  I love hearing their enthusiasm when they Drop three clothing sizes, when they realize they miss it so much when they don't work out, how they feel more confident and how training has truly become a normal way of life for them now.

Kiana's EGYM:  I'm excited to share that with the help of the Internet, I can now stream my workouts online to every one in the world. That's right, you can work out with me online were ever in the world you live. It's just like me coming to you. And with the help of social media, we can keep in touch on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and I can respond to you and give you advice and help you through challenging times and provide support and motivation.

Valentines Free 7 Day Trial!

I hope you will try my Valentines gift of 7 days free trial. As a member you can take live HD workouts Monday Wednesday Friday and browse the massive video library. I just know you will love it. But if you don't, no worries you can cancel anytime and I will still love you.


For Men:

A romantic evening alone

I love my hubby! Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom Vinyl Vest

Most men are much easier to please than women, don't you agree girlz? I think my husband's all time favorite gift is lingerie - for me 🙂

The second best gifts

Easiest Curls I've ever done!

A romantic night out for Valentines Day is wonderful. BTW, these are the easiest curls I've ever done!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Aloha!


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